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In this guide I cover a comprehensive list for each food group and the do's and don'ts:

Paleo Foods Allowed:

Paleo Approved Meats | Paleo Approved Vegetables | Paleo Approved Fruits | Paleo Approved Beverages | Paleo Approved Herbs/Spices/Condiments | Paleo Approved Oils/Fats | Paleo Approved Nuts & Seeds | About Your Microbiome 

Foods Not Allowed:

Dairy | Grain | Legumes | Fruit Juices | Sweets | Fatty Salty Processed Meats | Beer And Alcohol

Included as well in this guide is my list of healthy paleo lifestyle habits.

Feel free to try and incorporate any of these into your daily routine to help you reach your goals towards ultimate health. These are some of my own personal practices that have assisted me through the years on my paleo journey towards health and wellness.

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As an added bonus, I've included clickable links in the document to some of my favorite paleo-approved condiments and marinade recommendations. Plus, a link to the food and fitness tracker I use on the daily to keeps track of macros and micros. This helps me to monitor what nutrients I might be lacking, so I can work on incorporating more of them into my diet. And since it works like a food/fitness diary, it allows me to assess what I may need to correct in my eating and fitness habits week to week.

So anyway, I hope you find this guide helpful!

Feel free to share it with friends and family who may have their own health goals in mind.

Here's to Health, Wealth, Love, And Abundance for every last one of you. And thanks for stopping by!

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