How Paleo Changed My Life

Before starting a Paleo Lifestyle, I never realized how grain, sugar, dairy, and chemically processed foods affected my body.

Occasionally I will allow a little dairy into my diet. But, I only eat it in moderation, on special occasions, and if it’s from grass-fed dairy.

For the most part, I tend to stick with healthier home-cooked meals whenever possible. It's a much easier way to monitor what you eat.

Foods that top my shopping list are Pasture-raised, organic, grass-fed, wild-caught meats and seafood. As well as organic veggies, berries, nuts, and good fats - like avocados, avocado oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic extra virgin coconut oil.

I can truly say my quality of life has improved immensely since going Paleo. I’ve been able to maintain healthier body weight, improve inflammation in my body, and jump leaps and bounds towards fully healing my gut health after years of eating grains and chemically processed food.

The best part, I never count calories now or feel hungry and deprived. I eat until I’m full of nutrient-dense foods, and feel more content with my eating habits than ever before.

Feeding your body, and at the same time, your soul leads to my belief that Food IS Truly Medicine.

Note: In this new blog I've created I will also share health and lifestyle tips, and product spotlights on healthy brands and recommendations I find along the way.

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