The ZBD Bed - World's First CBD-Infused Mattress

I’d like to think I manifested this bed after endless nights watching my boyfriend JC suffer from terrible insomnia and restless sleep. Below is my testimonial.

I am a woman who practices her daily gratitude, and I am internally grateful to the people over @zbdbed.

Let me tell you about this bed! It has been life-changing for my sleep just in the week that I’ve had it. And I know JC has noticed a difference as well. We’ve both woke up feeling fewer body aches, and much more relaxed thanks to their CBD-infused mattress cover.

I can’t rave more about how comfortable this mattress is! We were having a lot of issues waking up too hot in the middle of the night with our old mattress. Their gel memory foam cooling technology in the ZBD bed makes a huge difference keeping us cool and comfortable through the night. And because of it, I feel I’ve experienced a much more restful sleep all around. I look forward to many more nights sleeping in this amazing bed!

Thanks again @zbdbed, you guys rock! I can’t wait for the ZBD pillows and pet bed to come out!

Use promo code “Merika” to get a special 15% off discount for this new and innovative wellness mattress!

Here are some FAQs directly from ZBD Bed's website regarding how their CBD-infused mattress works.

The CBD:

How does the CBD get into the mattress?

The ZBD Bed is made with HEMP-Based CBD and is micro-encapsulated using patented technology. Once the microcapsules are applied to the fabric, the microcapsules burst through friction (such as lying on the bed) and release the Hemp-based CBD throughout the bed.

Does the CBD infusion contain THC?

The microcapsules contain pure CBD isolate (99%), meaning there is less than 0.2% THC present.

How long will the CBD infusion last in the bed?

After testing, results showed when the zippered cover is unwashed 100% of the CBD infusion remains in the cover. After 10 washes the results showed 32% of the CBD remained present in the mattress cover.

What if I wash the cover more than 10 times?

If you no longer feel the effects of your ZBD Mattress, you will soon be able to purchase a new zippered cover with fresh CBD!

Use promo code “Merika” to get a special 15% off discount for this new and innovative wellness mattress!

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